7/19/21 – Have you cast your ballot yet?

Have you cast your ballot yet?

Our ratification vote is currently underway! Voting is open until JULY 26th at 5:00 pm. We will continue to outreach members to encourage them to vote but any email/texting/social media/ in-person reminders you can do to members in your building and across the district is incredibly helpful to increase participation.

If you or any member you speak to did not receive the email that included the digital ballot and summary of proposed changes please contact Callie Orgeron for a replacement ballot. corgeron@coloradoea.org.

Who represents your building?

Although we wish we had a high tech real time map of every building and school that sends alerts when there are questions, concerns or opportunities for great advocacy, we haven’t found one yet.

ARs (area reps) are at the core of our collective work. Communication, building healthy collaboration and encouraging advocacy and action in every building are all pieces of the puzzle that our ARs support. They are elected representatives of members and building issues, act as a decision making body for your union’s future and the broader membership and are often the first to sound the alarm when something comes up.

Every worksite deserves to have someone in the building every day to educate, organize and empower educators to own their profession. ARs speak on behalf of their members and  bring information and action steps back about what your fellow members are working on and how we can build power across Jeffco to continue to improve working and learning conditions for everyone.

As the new year begins, we know some ARs have retired, left Jeffco or are still here and would love to mentor new activists and continue to build our power. You don’t need any previous experience – we have a ton of resources, trainings and support structures to make sure you have all of the tools you need to succeed!

If you are interested in learning more about being an AR for the upcoming school year, or want to support your current AR, (or want to nominate someone to be an AR for your building) call or email Chesca at (720) 454 – 6066 csmotherman@coloradoea.org before August 5th so you are able to attend our 2021 AR Kickoff.

Volunteer for a shift to welcome new educators August 4th, 5th, 6th

Hundreds of new educators will be joining the Jeffco team this year and nothing is more powerful that a warm welcome into our district and our union from people like YOU!

Sign up for a couple of hours to join fellow JCEA members to start the year strong – it’s an easy, fun, social way to support building the strength of your union. Sign up here today!

CEA Summer speaker series

Your statewide union, the Colorado Education Association (CEA) is hosting several free speaker events open to members across the state.  Learn more & register at:


Note: Our June 24 event about Understanding the Intersection of Bias and Testing was rescheduled to July 22.