JCEA Ratification vote closing TONIGHT at 5:00 pm

All JCEA members in good standing should have received an electronic ballot to your personal email address that included a summary of the tentative changes to the contract (including FIVE all new articles that address Equity, Remote learning, AMP, Registered school nurses and Special Education), compensation and a link to the entire redline of the contract with the tentative changes.

Please outreach your fellow members today one last time to encourage them to vote!

Summary and link to the full redline included below.

20-21 Bargaining Summary
(click here for full redlined tentative agreement)
Article Salary Two steps for everyone who worked 19-20 and 20-21 beginning this year; 3% COLA (every cell in salary schedule increased by 3%); 1% stipend for one year increase of two instructional days (taken from non-contact days)
1 Definitions Improve definition of bargaining unit (who is working under the contract)
2 Reservation of Management Rights Minor changes
3 Association Relationship Outlines association rights in more detail
4 Negotiations procedures Clarified process to include proposal tracking, member confidentiality, fact finding and returning to the table off cycle should unforeseeable events arise.
5 Time Management Clarified educator directed planning time pre-term and during contract hours, time during non-contact days for teachers to meet and work together across articulation areas/ the entire District.
Ongoing goal for year-round bargaining: INCREASING PLANNING TIME
6 Professional Development Minor changes
7 Evaluation No changes- overhaul of evaluation system scheduled for 21-22 bargaining
8 Class size/caseload Preschool specific language
More details for counselors, mental health, DtL’s
Ongoing goals for year-round bargaining: Guaranteed full time DTL in all schools over 300 students (currently 400), reducing counselor’s caseload, specific provisions for relief when ES classes are over guidelines
9 Student Discipline Calls out District resources for schools to use, restorative practice training for facilitators
10 Collaboration Clarified best practices for shared leadership and collaborative processes, added collaboration language for non-school based educators. District level collaboration: all committees which include educators will have guaranteed JCEA member representatives and involvement
11 Academic Freedom Best practices in teaching controversial topics, protections for teacher, addition of a more defined process for parental complaints concerning instructional practices and/or instructional materials.
Ongoing goals for year-round bargaining: Language to ensure teachers own their own lesson plans (currently the District owns them)
12 Hiring and Displacement More details in hiring and displacement process, including the number of teachers on hiring committees. Displacements after March 15 will not occur (may be a temporary placement to a different school), requiring more information sharing with hiring committees, notice of positions open for reassignment within a building
13 Leaves Integration of HFWA law-documentation of sick leave may be note from educator, public health emergency provisions
Clarify policy on military leave
Ability for new mothers to take additional two weeks of parental leave
Ongoing goal for year-round bargaining: Annual leave with no delineation between personal and sick leave (one bucket of leave time)
14 RIF No changes- to be discussed in 21-22
15 Temporary Contracts No changes
16 Site-based Variances Added language for the inclusion of an expert in variance, 75% must be in support of the variance, any person affected must be included in the collaborative decision making process and schools must have a plan for providing services for eliminated procedures or positions
17 Compensation New lane between BA and MA, ability to move lanes any time of year, rehired educators at old salary up to five years after leaving district; NBCT stipend in contract (was being paid, but not in contract)
Ongoing goals for year-round bargaining: Warren Tech salary schedule, CTE stipends for all CTE educators, defining secondary “normal” teaching load of five sections; additional stipends for extra work/ difficult assignments
18 Position Hold Minor changes
19 Grievances No changes
20 Teacher discipline Just cause provisions including appropriate notice, fair investigation, equal treatment and appropriate discipline.
21 Innovation Language No changes
22 Equity
(new article)
District wide Equity Accountability Committee (EAC) to address racism within policy, practice or procedure.
A neutral ombuds to address concerns of racism, additional supports for educators of color; ongoing focus on the plan to increase the number of educators of color to align with our student demographics.
23 Remote learning
(new article)
NO DUAL MODALITY TEACHING. Defined processes for virtual learning including Jeffco Virtual and the new Jeffco Remote Learning Program, structures and supports for homebound instruction.
24 AMP
(new article)
AMP not electives! Safe transition times, details and clarity on: Split site work space, pairing, evaluations, resources and contact time.
25 Nurses
(new article)
Specific language for nurses concerning collaboration in health services, caseload, assignments, licensing, delegation, and best practice to provide high quality care.
(new article)
SPED specific article that defines collaborative committee membership, staffing, scheduling, safety and co-teaching parameters.
Ongoing goals for year-round bargaining: Defined caseload numbers in our contract; weighted IEPs; compensation for meetings outside contract day