8/10/2020 – Leave deadline extended… until tomorrow. Time to email the school board

Leave of absence deadline extended until tomorrow close of business.

David Bell has been busy today! We have received in writing from HR that the deadline for submission of your leave of absence has been extended until tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to him directly, it’s working.


Next steps if you haven’t yet gotten an answer:


  1. Email your Principal and CC David Bell today asking two questions:
    1. Who is making the decision?
    2. When you will be notified?
    3. Any additional information you feel comfortable providing about why this information is critical to your decision.
    4. Any additional information you would like our Jeffco School Board members to know such as –
      1. How long you have been waiting for an answer
      2. How not knowing has impacted your ability to plan for this year in your professional and personal life
      3. Why you want to stay in Jeffco – if you are able to get a remote position.
      4. Any additional details you would like to add to tell your story.
  2. CC JCEA @ Jeffcoea@gmail.com
  3. CC the Jeffco Board of Education members. Ultimately THEY DECIDE how our district moves forward and should be aware of how many Jeffco employees are still waiting for this incredibly critical information  board@jeffco.k12.co.us (this email goes to the board secretary for distribution to all board members) Or add them individually:


Join the virtual Jeffco School Board Meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am

Agenda items –

– Announcement of the interim Superintendent
– “Restart Jeffco” plan updates, changes and discussion

View the latest “Restart” slide presentation here:

https://go.boarddocs.com/co/jeffco/Board.nsf/files/BSCS7S7102F1/$file/PRESENTATION Restart Plan 8.11.20.pdf

JCEA members know: School health and safety is community health and safety.

Dozens of JCEA members have signed up to give public comment – if you want to speak publicly on the record, please sign up ASAP and contact Ang Anderson who is helping lead the group – ang0013@gmail.com

Watch virtually to support your colleagues as they speak their truth.

Link to watch here: https://go.boarddocs.com/co/jeffco/Board.nsf/Public

Want to protect your steps and levels? Attend bargaining tomorrow. Invite all of your colleagues to attend too.

Tuesday August 11th 2:00 – 4:30 pm

From our membership survey over the weekend it is abundantly clear that JCEA members want to continue to work to save your steps. Jeffco management has been adamant in their position that they cannot provide any step increases – our team is ready to fight, but they need your support. The first step is showing up to bargaining, the next is to email the members of the Jeffco Board of Education to tell your story about why you expect they value their employees and invest in the Jeffco front line.

There are two ways to join virtual bargaining:

  1. Through the JCEA BOAT Facebook page here: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Live
  2. Directly through the district’s live stream here: https://bit.ly/MGMT_live_stream

MOU bargaining

If Jeffco management hasn’t agreed to solid dates by Wednesday it’s time for more direct action – keep an eye on your emails for further action steps. Your team has been hard at work on proposals for issues and language, as we did in the Spring we believe management has an obligation to show up to the table and work out a formal MOU – QUICKLY.