8/12/2020 – CEA Covid-19 safety reporting form

There are no “stupid” questions.

Consider this your “official permission” to speak up.

For decades educators have been asked to do more with less, “buck it up” or “figure it out”. In this new world of educating through a pandemic, breaking that culture is how we protect each other, our students and our community.

It is up to us to hold the safety structures in place accountable. Any re-opening of schools is critically connected to speaking up when something feels wrong, off or unsafe.

Please know no question is a wrong question – it is ALWAYS the right thing to do to ask.


We have already started getting calls and emails today  from several schools who have concerns about conditions in the buildings. No question is a wrong question.

Please help us centralize and track issues as they arise in the buildings by using this form: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Health_Concerns

MOU Bargaining session tonight starting at 5:00 pm

There are two ways to join virtual bargaining:

  1. Through the JCEA BOAT Facebook page here: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Live
  2. Directly through the District’s live stream here: https://bit.ly/MGMT_live_stream

A message from your JCEA Elected leadership team on our first day back

We, as your JCEA Board Members, share your feelings and concerns, because we are here standing next to you in our buildings. We know there is a lot of uncertainty and many things that seem up in the air right now, and we know how that feels. We as educators, are natural planners and try to think down the road in many cases, and uncertainty makes us worry, especially when it will impact our students and colleagues.

What we do know however is that we are fighters, yet rule-followers. What we can do is remain united in solidarity with one another, support and have grace with one another, and continue to raise our voices and demand the safe and healthy return for our students, and ourselves.

Below are some actions we all can take before we begin instruction to continue to make our voices heard and be #JCEAStrong.


  • Work the Contract: work just the hours you are expected to work, no unpaid clubs, optional committees, volunteer duties, etc.
  • Refuse to attend in-person meetings that violate social distance protocols and request for a virtual method to attend
  • Ensure you are getting your 30 minutes of duty free lunch
  • Ensure ⅓ of your time back is for self-directed plan time
  • Host socially-distanced social time with your staff outside the entrance until the minute your contract day starts
  • Walk in and walk out together as members at the beginning and end of the workday

We’re with you. We love you. We’re here if you need to talk. Thank you for all that you do for our students. We are in this together.

In solidarity,

Brooke Williams, JCEA President

Dale Munholland, JCEA Vice President

Rhiannon Wenning, JCEA Secretary

Ernest Garibay, JCEA Treasurer

Ang Anderson, JCEA/CEA Board Member

Kendall Bolton, JCEA Operational Board Member-CORE

Cory Bissell, JCEA Operational Board Member-OAT

Jon Cefkin, JCEA Operational Board Member-PAT

Riley Robert Hawkins, JCEA Operational Board Member-EMOAT

Elizabeth Kantner, JCEA Operational Board Member-COAT

Sydney Slifka, JCEA Operational Board Member-CAT

Elizabeth Morgan, JCEA Operation Board Member-PPAT

Michelle Moehlis, JCEA Operational Board Member-NAAT