8/15/21 – Welcome back! Leaders for just schools, academic freedom and more!

Welcome back JCEA!

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks of induction, AR Kickoff and various back to school events! We hope everyone had a restful (or adventurous) summer and that however you spent your time you were able to recharge.

We had almost 150 new members sign up over the last two weeks, which is awesome!

Please reach out to new folks in your building and welcome them and ask them to join if they haven’t already. Share this easy link or give potential members a paper card in person. Click HERE to Join JCEA!

Raises and new contract language

While our new language has been overwhelmingly approved by our membership, we won’t have a fully cleaned up and finalized copy until our BOE votes in their September meeting. We absolutely anticipate that the BOE will approve. Until then, please remember to utilize both last years CBA and the redline which includes the latest language updates and the updated salary schedule.

Pending BOE approval, you should see your raise on your September 2021 paycheck. If you have questions about your placement reach out to your AR or your JCEA UD.

JCEA CBA (without language updates)


Leaders for just schools – FREE PD!

Join JCEA leaders Ang Anderson and Rhiannon Wenning for their FREE CO-Pilot course this fall: Leaders for just schools. This course covers two of the standards for the ELPD requirement 5.09.A and 5.10 B.

Educators will actively participate in online and in-person learning to further develop their understanding of equity and its impact on learning environments. Educators will ultimately examine ways to evaluate the equity of their own schools and create a plan to improve conditions of equity in their school.

This course is appropriate for all pre-K through secondary educators. ENROLL HERE TODAY

All enrollment fees for this course will be donated to Black Lives Matter 5280.

Fall bargaining: Academic Freedom

We are gearing up for Fall bargaining!

Your JCEA bargaining team is currently pulling together small groups to tackle some of the “sticking” issues from the last bargaining season. We wanted more time to do some deep dives into a few specific articles that will require some out of the box thinking and creative problem solving. Topics for this fall include: Academic freedom, time management, class size/caseload, compensation, SPED and leaves.

We are reaching out to our article bargainers who signed up last season and are hoping to add new voices in this endeavor. You do not need to have any previous bargaining experience – your professional expertise, experience and ideas are what we need.

To that end, one of the articles we are looking at is Article 11 – Academic Freedom.

Specifically, the ability of teachers to take with them the content they created for their classes. We are especially interested in hearing from teachers that lost access to their work, possibly while moving between temporary and ongoing contracts. This is a great opportunity for us to let management know how this could affect a teacher’s ability to provide quality instruction to our students. If you are interested, please click on the link below and fill out the google form.

You can either share a story with us or request to join the small fall bargaining group. It will not be a large group (perhaps 3 members with 2-3 district personnel). JCEA bargaining chair Michelle Moehlis will be leading this group and will follow up with times, dates and logistics.

Sign up or share your story here.

Calling all JCEA ARs and AACs – August AR Council on the 24th

We’ve got a busy fall ahead and will be holding a special August council. As of today we are planning to meet in person at the JCEA office in Lakewood. Everyone attending is being asked to plan to bring and wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status. We are doing our best to slow the spread of COVID-19 to support students and each other.


Sign up early, sign up often for Election 2021

We have three seats up for election this fall on our school board and as usual it will take all of us volunteering to knock, walk and talk to hold onto a majority on the board who support educators and public education. If every member of JCEA volunteered just an hour or two this fall we will absolutely blow our previous engagement goals out of the ball park! (if everyone helps just a little, no one gets stuck carrying the heavy load alone)

There are so many ways to get involved there is a place for everyone AND we would be happy to get you (and your colleagues) set up to volunteer either in the neighborhood directly around your school, or your own neighborhood if you live in Jeffco.

Sign up to volunteer here