8/19/2020 – How are reassignment, paring and prep going in your school?

Last chance to vote on our MOU

Don’t forget to vote!

MOU ratification ends TODAY August 19 at 5:00 pm. All JCEA members in good standing received the link to vote in their school emails. Please help to remind your fellow members to vote. If you don’t remember seeing a ballot arrive, please check your spam box, and then contact Callie Orgeron if you need a replacement ballot to be sent -COrgeron@coloradoea.org

TIME CHANGE! 4:30 pm!

JCEA all member meeting August 25th 2020

Q & A on COVID-19.

Join us next Tuesday, August 25 from 4:30 pm -5:30 pm for a Zoom town hall with Dr. Deb Friesen from Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Friesen will be answering questions about how education employees can keep themselves and their families safe from COVID-19.

RSVP at: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Aug_Mem_Mtg


JCEA safety concern reporting form

Is your building following the District safety protocols and the MOU?

If not, fill out our “whistleblower form” to report it. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and remind people what the rules are and how to follow them. You CAN report without providing your name, however we have to at least have your worksite location so we can work with the district to problem solve as quickly as possible.  https://bit.ly/JCEA_Health_Concerns

Reassignment – the good, the bad and the…. confusing.

JCEA is hearing from members about the reassignment process and what is and what is not working. Some educators requested remote and didn’t get it, while others requested in person and were told they were needed to be remote. Some remote educators are being assigned 2-3 different grade levels and are being asked to take on a high numbers of students. Other remote teachers may only have 10 students, while others in their school have huge classes.

Help us paint an accurate picture of what’s REALLY going on out there. We are in near constant communication with the district on many different levels to try and troubleshoot and problem solve as quickly as possible however we do not have a crystal ball (we wish!) and can only address what we are aware of.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DBXPVR7

To “Restart” and beyond!

There has been an incredible, incredible amount of work happening this summer. More than most of us can ever remember happening during “break”. We appreciate SO MUCH the hundreds (actually thousands) who have showed up, spoken up, completed surveys, and worked and worked and worked to advocate for a safer return. The reality is, the work is nowhere near over.

The JCEA safer return committee is shifting gears – and there are several ways to get involved in the next phase of this work. Please join us in this journey – there are nearly a zillion ways to get involved.

Two new opportunities this week:

Beyond Restart Group – http://bit.ly/JCEA_beyond_Restart

We will be shifting our MOU creation efforts to enforcing our new MOU language, negotiated agreement (contract), and health and safety standards. We are also moving quickly towards bargaining our full contract, and engaging in other important work with our membership. The power we have built over the summer must continue to grow, the stronger we are the more effective we will be in every action taken moving forward.

Supporting each other while educating through crisis

JCEA professional practices action team chair Elizabeth Morgan is working on building a program to support our members during remote learning/virtual learning and offering resources for professional development in this new world. MANY of you have really good ideas, skills and resources in your classrooms and your schools, please help us share the good stuff with the rest of our membership!