8/19/2020 – JCEA August AR council minutes, links, and slides

MOU vote reminder

Voting on the JCEA MOU closes tonight at 5:00 pm – if you haven’t voted, please do! If you haven’t sent a reminder to your building’s JCEA members, please do!

If you or any of your members have not received a link to vote, please email Callie Orgeron ASAP – COrgeron@coloradoea.org for a replacement ballot

Council last night

Thank you to everyone who attended last night – it was great to see our group back together again and to welcome many new ARs into our JCEA family. If you weren’t able to attend, the full recording of the meeting will be posted on the member side of the JCEA website by the end of the week for viewing.

As we all know, this year is starting off quite differently and the stress of continued changes is high – please know that you are not alone, and we are all in this together. When you need support, reach out. If you have a concern, speak up. If something in your school is working well – let us know!

Some buildings are struggling, while others are problem solving in ways that are working. We hope to help elevate practices that are working to share as resources for others. If something is going well that should be shared or celebrated – let us know!

Email us at Jeffcoea@gmail.com with any tips, tricks or stories you know might be helpful for other members.

Our rights, “teacher voice” and power in numbers continue to be some of our most valuable tools. JCEA members are brilliant problem solvers – we can and will rise to the challenges facing us.

AR skills building and support aka…

Union school!

As we navigate a new year, new challenges and welcome new ARs into our community we also welcome a newly elected chair of the JCEA OAT team, Cory Bissell. One of the goals of the OAT is developing training and professional development for our ARs, AACs and all JCEA members. We have some standard offerings, some new ideas AND we very much want to hear from YOU about what is most helpful.

Please let us know what you would like to see this year!

AR Training/PD requests form – http://bit.ly/JCEA_AR_PD

The first session has been scheduled for next Friday August 28th!

Union School- Advocating for your Negotiated Agreement

Grab a snack and a beverage and join us via Zoom on Friday, August 28th from 4:30-6pm while we hit the highlights of your collectively bargained agreement (CBA) and discuss what it means to enforce and advocate for this legally binding document… After all, if we don’t enforce it, it’s just words on a piece of paper!

Important quick links:

Minutes from August 2020 AR Council: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M9o24mTx8-jpVZI2sSS4L5YiwXrFBK6Q/view?usp=sharing

Slide Deck from the meeting presentation:

Slide Deck for JCEA building meetings:

Lauren Kott, one of our rock star ARs has been making google slide decks for anyone to use for your building meetings if you would like to. Please note, you will need to request access to add your own school information and contact info into the first and last slides. This is a GREAT tool for our ARs and Lauren’s put a lot of work into making a user friendly presentation for you all.

Thank you Lauren!


JCEA Whistleblower form – https://bit.ly/JCEA_Health_Concerns

Beyond Restart Group – http://bit.ly/JCEA_beyond_Restart

JCEA Remote learning/virtual learning PD sign up – http://bit.ly/JCEA_Remote_PD

JCEA August all member meeting RSVP – https://bit.ly/JCEA_Aug_Mem_Mtg

Quick Link to join JCEA – https://bit.ly/Join_JCEA

We will have a guest doctor joining us from Kaiser for this meeting to speak about COVID-19 and safety precautions Kaiser recommends.

JCEA August all member meeting RSVP: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Aug_Mem_Mtg