8/25/2020 – Sign in support of educator compensation before September 3rd

Dear BOE: Invest in Jeffco Educators.

Good evening JCEA ARs, AACs and leaders!

Since bargaining began this year, we have heard consistently from our members that we must fight for compensation. Your team has worked hard at the bargaining table and will continue to, but the reality is, they need your support and action behind them.

The district’s team at the table only has so much power and influence over the decisions being made – ultimately, this falls to the five members elected to the board of education.

It’s time to send a respectful, but loud message to the board that Jeffco must invest in their educators.

Tonight we are launching a petition to the board – it takes less than 30 seconds to sign and it’s easy to share. http://bit.ly/Invest_In_Jeffco_Educators

We are asking for your help to outreach every Jeffco educator, JCEA members and non-members to ask them sign our petition if they support this effort.

Our goal is to present the school board with a super majority of signatures from Jeffco educators on September 3rd. We know that we can get there if we all outreach our networks and make a personal ask for them to join us.

We are outreaching our ARs, AACs and leaders first – it is powerful when your members hear from you! We know you all have different modes of communication in your building, so whatever works best – activate the bat signal! http://bit.ly/Invest_In_Jeffco_Educators

Sign here, spread the word!

Quick ways to grow our support:  

– Text the petition to your colleagues and ask them to sign and share
– Email the petition to your colleagues and ask them to sign and share
– Help spread the word to your Jeffco colleagues on social media
– Call a quick virtual building meeting – ask everyone to sign and share


Save the date to attend the school board meeting Thursday September 3rd at 6:00 pm – while we can’t be there in person, we can join from home!

Please keep an eye on your emails and texts – this is a big goal with a fast turn around – but we know we can make it happen and we are here to support you!