8/25/21 – August 2021 Vital Link


If you weren’t able to join us for AR Kickoff on the 9th, don’t fret! We are hosting a make up session but need your input on which date (Saturday or next Tuesday) please take 60 seconds to fill out a quick doodle poll HERE.

Council last night

It was SO GOOD to see you in person! Thank you for arriving with great energy and warmth as we come back together and for helping us with COVID-19 mitigation measures in the building. Read on for highlights, agenda, minutes, slides and a template for your school’s monthly JCEA stand up meeting! (Thank YOU Lauren Kott!)

We had three major topics last night:

  • Our Jeffco majority board election this fall
  • Our newly bargained language to learn and uphold (we strongly encourage everyone to watch the upcoming BOE meeting on September 2nd in which the board will vote to approve these changes. Rumor has it there will not be a unanimous vote)
  • Building our union to a super majority union by 2024

112,000 + votes needed for BOE victory

A majority of seats on our board are up this year and the outcome will most certainly impact the path Jeffco takes moving forward. JCEA’s SDC (Small Donor Committee) has officially endorsed candidates Paula Reed and Mary Parker and will be interviewing Danielle Varda this week. They will be running as a slate this fall and joined us last night at council to share their stories about why they are running and their personal connections to our district. They are fantastic candidates and we encourage you to get some time to get to know them!

We’ve crunched the numbers and it’s going to take a lot of walking, knocking, and talking to ensure pro-public education candidates make it to the 112,000+ votes needed to win!

Our goal is to have at least 500 JCEA members

volunteer this fall.

We will do everything possible to help set you and your colleagues up for success. Canvassing will be happening every weekend starting at the end of September and we can set up walks around any of our Jeffco school any day of the week.

Sign up early, sign up often for Election 2021!

Sign up to volunteer here!