8/31/21 – Health and safety in our schools

Proactive measures now mean more in-person

learning days long term

Jefferson county educators agree that in-person learning is the best option for our students to support their mental health and opportunities for learning. We also know that students and educators must have the safest schools possible to succeed and operate. To that end, the Jefferson County Education Association supports Jefferson County School’s actions to uphold the recommendations of our public health experts and their public health orders.

For the sake of our students, we have a collective responsibility to be proactive in following simple COVID-19 mitigation tactics. We encourage all Jeffco educators, students, parents and members of our communities to follow the public health orders to help preserve in person learning, as safely as is possible to the greatest extent possible.

Statement from the JCEA Operational Board:

JCEA supports the Jeffco Public Health orders and for Jefferson County Public Schools to follow health orders. We encourage Jeffco educators and the community to follow the orders to preserve in person learning to the greatest extent possible for our students.

Fall Bargaining work

Your JCEA bargaining team is looking for 4-5 members per group to help take a deep dive and work on issues to take to the table during ‘regular’ Spring bargaining. These small groups will meet with management representatives to make recommendations to the team for spring.

Topics of focus:

o   Elementary Class Size/Caseload/time/schedules

o   Secondary Class size/case load/time/ schedules

o   General Compensation Structures

o   Warren Tech and CTE Compensation

o   SPED

o   AMP caseload, time and compensation

o   Leaves

o   Academic Freedom

o   Evaluations

o   Counselors

Sign up to join a small group OR to share your personal experiences
on these issues here: https://forms.gle/FXq6P3S7Pwo3D9Mw5

Jeffco BOE to vote on our CBA Thursday

We are hearing through the grapevine that there likely WILL NOT be a unanimous vote in support of your newly negotiated language and raises. We encourage every  Jeffco educator to watch their conversation and vote on the 2nd to better understand who’s voting against these improvements for our educators and students and why.

Leaves – know your rights

We’ve received quite a few questions about leaves and we have NEW language which was bargained last year specific to leaves (and leave usage during the pandemic).

Please take a moment to read Article 13 HERE.

Jeffco Preschool Listening Tour for Preschool Staff.

We encourage you to attend and make your voice heard.

Please join Matt Flores, Chief Academic Officer, and Dawn O’dean, Executive Director of Early Learning, at a listening tour on all things preschool. We are excited for the 2021-22 school year and want to hear from you. Please attend a listening tour at any of these locations:

North Area
Tuesday, August 31 from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm | Adams Elementary Library | 6450 W. 95th Pl., Westminster

Central Area
Wednesday, September 22 from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm | JCEA Building | 1447 Nelson St., Lakewood