6/24/2020 – 8 hours in bargaining and STILL going STRONG on compensation

Your team is 8 + hours into bargaining and still going strong!!! Join us HERE NOW!

Tomorrow join us for an emergency JCEA Virtual Town Hall!

THANK YOU! To all the JCEA members who showed up online and in person over
the last 24 hours – it helped us make some MAJOR movement on language!

Get ready for the next round of action coming up!

Join us tomorrow at 1:00 pm here:  https://bit.ly/JCEA_Mtg_6_25

Please use this quick & easy to share link to invite all of your fellow JCEA members to attend. Help us rapidly spread the word through social media/text/email: https://bit.ly/JCEA_FB_6_25

We have two JCEA member surveys active currently – if you haven’t taken them yet, please take a few minutes to give us your honest feedback. Additionally we have had a flood of members requesting our financial findings and presentation. Join us tomorrow for the virtual town hall! Members of our team will be presenting and with'[ us for live Q & A!

  1. On JPS Management’s financial proposal : https://bit.ly/JCEA_Salary_2020
  2. On the JPS “Re-Start” plan: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Reentry_2


Meet Rhiannon Wenning
Candidate for JCEA Secretary

My name is Rhiannon Wenning, and I am running to be your next JCEA Secretary. I am a high school Social Studies teacher at Jefferson Jr/Sr High School, and have been a member of JCEA for 20 years. I currently serve as one of your two CEA Board Directors on the JCEA Operational and Executive Boards, as a member of our SDC, and I have been an AR for Jefferson. I’ve had the privilege to provide training, member engagement, and organizing opportunities for our members as part of NEA Leaders for Just Schools and CEA and JCEA Ed Summer programs.

I have the experience, commitment, and strength we need as a leader of our union. I possess the passion, fire, and vision we need to fight for our students, member-collective rights, working conditions, and profession. I hold strong, democratic union values, with an aptitude for fierce advocacy for racial and social justice, equity, and public education. I want to empower, engage, and amplify our members and their voices, and ensure they are heard. I want to build our capacity, power, and strength of JCEA, by increasing our membership, and through transparency, open communication, community coalition-building, and collective and political action.

I am an experienced leader and dedicated fighter. A fearless advocate, and a thoughtful collaborator and coalition-builder, who believes in the power of our union and its members. I believe that we will win together, and we will win with Wenning.

I would be honored to have your vote for JCEA Secretary. #WinWithWenning

Getting 271 on the ballot this fall is a critical life raft in the time of crushing COVID-19 Funding Cuts…

If every JCEA member signs and gets four friends, family members or community member to sign we will FAR exceed our goal for signature collection!

Contact Callie Orgeron for more info @ COreron@coloradoea.org