Bargaining update &
Compensation survey deadline extended

We ended bargaining Monday night without accepting the District’s latest offer and without declaring impasse.

We felt it was important to engage our membership on this important decision.

The survey we sent out Tuesday was scheduled to be closed this afternoon under the assumption we might be back at the table this evening. Our sisters and brothers from JESPA are bargaining tonight so we are extending our survey to continue to outreach our members and encourage them to voice their opinion on whether or not they will accept this current offer. The Survey will close tomorrow at noon.

Please, truly, please outreach your fellow members and remind them about the survey. We know everyone is buried in emails – a text, phone call or personal email helps!


JCEA has just confirmed that we will be back at the bargaining table Monday, September 21st at 4:00 pm.

Our team is returning to the table with the guidance and direction gathered from our members in this survey.

We will release more details of the survey, but not before that session.

Obviously we do not want to tip our hand to the management team before we bargain.

Please join us Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm for what we hope will be the last bargaining session of 19-20!

Rumor Update

We are hearing rumors that some members are planning to call in a sick day on Monday as a protest. While we respect individual’s right to make this decision and willingness to take a risk, we want to be clear that this is NOT a JCEA organized job action.

We also want you to understand any risks you may be taking personally if you chose to do this.

The contract allows you to take a personal day without needing administrative permission. If you call in a sick day, you, or a family member must be ill or have an appointment for a medical visit. Your principal can ask you for documentation after even one sick day. If you cannot provide it, you could be subject to disciplinary action and/or lose a day’s pay.

You should also know that if a community member makes an open record request for all teachers who called in sick, the District must legally provide that information.

We are prepared to organize and take collective action to achieve our collective goals. The survey we currently have out is giving us organizational direction on next steps, so we encourage you to make your voice heard.



JCEA Compensation survey – DEADLINE EXTENDED

PLEASE help us ensure as many members participate as possible by outreaching your fellow members and asking them to take the survey and encouraging them to help spread the word as well. The survey will be open until tomorrow at noon.

Where we are and two paths forward

Please take a moment with this information before completing the survey:

The last District offer Monday night was really the same offer as their last one: Level movement (ongoing), a one-time 2.75% stipend (or the % that corresponds to your step movement), and a commitment to return to the table if the state pulls back money (a rescission) of $10 million or more OR if the District gets $8 million or more in revenue.

Previously, they had offered a ‘step’ but with caveats that meant moving back down a step next year (to the 19-20 year step). We pointed out that wasn’t really a step, but a stipend. The caveat was that they had to have $58 million in new money next year to keep the step. That won’t happen.

This offer is a little different than the one we brought to you in our last survey, so we are coming back to you again for direction. If we accept this offer, JCEA members will still have an opportunity to vote on ratification.

The situation is this: we agree to this offer or we go to impasse.

We believe that this is the District’s bottom line. The Board of Education members are so afraid of the financial picture next year, they are not willing to agree to an ongoing raise like a step when we may have to have deep budget cuts next year.

Here is what would happen in impasse:

  1.       We arrange for a mediator – that process will probably take a few weeks.
  2.       We meet again and the mediator tries to bring us to agreement.
  3.       If we find agreement-great, we put it out for ratification.
  4.       If we do NOT reach agreement, we move to fact-finding which is another process that is a hearing before a neutral arbitrator. Both sides present evidence and then the fact-finder gives an opinion. This process would take months-perhaps until January or February.
  5.       After the fact finder’s report is issued, we discuss it with the District. It is NOT binding on the Board of Education. “4-5-7 If there are unresolved issues after fact-finding, the Board will decide the unresolved issues.”
  6.       Until we settle on salary and sign off on a final tentative agreement, the rest of the language changes that we have tentatively agreed upon do not go into effect.
  7.       Moving to a strike, as some have advocated for, might mean waiting until next September when the current agreement expires on August 31, 2021.

The argument FOR taking this proposal is that the raise, although temporary, would go into effect more quickly. If we accept it, the stipend happens. If we go to impasse, we may not see any salary increase at all this year. (see above) The level movement IS ongoing. The language wins we have gotten on grievance procedure, teacher rights, and student discipline would go into effect.

The argument for NOT taking this proposal is obvious-it’s not an ongoing step, it’s one time. Those of you who were here during the recession understand the impact of salary and step freezes.

If we go to impasse and on to fact-finding, our success will depend on JCEA members’ willingness to take escalating action.