9/17/21- AR Council Recap

AR Council Recap

It was great to see so many of you at council! 

If you weren’t with us, please take 30 seconds to fill out a QUICK two question survey about AR Council. We have heard from folks who want to continue to meet in person and others who would like to go back to a virtual option until COVID cases decline.

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Everything you need from September AR Council 

Cliff notes from our meeting:

Election 2021

Most of last night’s council was focused on the upcoming school board election. We always say that elections are important, but this year, it’s especially personal and impactful. Three  seats are up and whoever wins this fall will hold the majority of votes on the board for the next four  years. What we do (or don’t do) collectively between now and November 2nd will decide what our collective future holds. 

Raises and contract additions are in full effect!
Check your September paycheck! Scroll down for resources on how to confirm your salary and movement. Follow this link for the final and fully updated JCEA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) HERE.

JCEA Treasurer position opening for election

Current JCEA Treasurer Ernest Garibay has been elected to one of our CEA Delegate seats! Congratulations Ernest!!! Keep an eye on your email next week for the election timeline for treasurer. Any JCEA member in good standing is eligible to run for treasurer!

Membership recruitment – join us!

It’s always a great time to ask potential members to join, but the next month is an especially important time to make those conversations a priority. Frequently we hear from non-members that they haven’t joined because educator pay is low and budgeting to survive Colorado’s cost of living is tight.

The average raise won by you and your colleagues last year was 8.5% – well beyond the annual dues to support your collective work. As raises go into effect, it’s a fantastic time to talk to your colleagues about how your collective action and power and collective resources through your union made those raises possible.

Year after year, the larger your(our?)  membership grows, the more powerful we  are at the bargaining table, and in the bigger picture work advocating for every student in Colorado to attend FULLY FUNDED schools.

Without a strong, active, well resourced membership – our collective power dwindles. Districts without bargaining power are proven to have lower wages and worse working conditions.

The reality is, when the long term goal is to win a comfortable (work-ONE-job) living wage; non-members can’t afford NOT to join us. A majority of Jeffco educators are members of JCEA;  it’s time to join them!

Materials from council September 2021

September council agenda

September council minutes 

September council slides (presented in the room)

What happens on election day

determines our future.

Make the plan, work the plan, WIN!

We are 47 days from election day.

The tough reality is, this fall we are asking you to add even more to your plates. With a majority of our school board seats up for election and the most outraged and organized opposition slate (candidates not endorsed by JCEA’s membership) we have seen in nearly a decade, this fall could be a seismic shift in our leadership and our future. It’s up to us collectively what happens.

We can win this – if we all do our part.

Election 2021 by the numbers 


  • Recruit 3 fantastic school board candidates with deep Jeffco roots who support public education, educators, and ALL students.
  • Engage with parents, students, community and faith partners to support the coalition across Jeffco who are working hard to ensure we keep Jeffco moving forward and improve our public schools for all students.
  • 50% of elementary schools hosting a candidate table during parent teacher conferences
  • 100 Schools signed up to have an afterschool canvas in the neighborhood around school
  • 200 people (members, colleagues, parents, students and community members) attending our 2021 Pumpkin Rally at Creighton Middle school on Saturday, Sept. 25 from 10:00 to 11:00 am – Meet the candidates and volunteer an hour or two to canvas together!
  • 500 + Member volunteers (Door knocking, phone banking, donating or taking another election action)

Progress report as of 9/17/2021

  • DONE! We have THREE AWESOME CANDIDATES! Paula Reed, Danielle Varda and Mary Parker!
  • Want to do election work with parents, students, faith or community? Email COAT chair Elizabeth Kantner asap to get connected! esbluestar@gmail.com
  • 21 schools have signed up to host a candidate table – Sign up ASAP so we can match you with a candidate and volunteers to work your table https://forms.gle/ysKyfFbcSPKUxHYJ6
  • 41 schools have signed up to canvas together so far – Add your building to the list TODAY! 
  • 27 people signed up so far – sign up to join us AND spread the word! Invite everyone in your world who will show up for Jeffco’s students and schools!

RSVP here: bit.ly/E21-volunteer

172 JCEA members have signed up so far, help keep the momentum growing!

Sign up today!

Click here to sign up to volunteer for Election 2021

How can we best support you?

We had a wide range of responses at council when we talked as a council about the upcoming election. Many educators have no idea the election is even coming up, or that the majority of our board will be decided on November 2nd. 

It’s our job to change that.

So, we want to know what else we can add to what we are currently doing to help outreach, educate and activate folks who haven’t joined the cause. 

What are you hearing in your building? Are folks excited? Concerned? Not interested? Not talking about the election at all?

What are you hearing in your community? What else do you need to succeed when talking to colleagues, parents, family, friends or community about the upcoming election?

What else can we do to help? We want volunteering to be as simple and seamless as possible for everyone who steps up to give their time. We welcome new ideas and suggestions! (within the bounds of campaign finance laws)


Check your paycheck!!!

Raises that were hard fought by you and your fellow members are here!
You should see these increases reflected on your September paycheck.

Check out these AWESOME tools made by our CAT team chair Sydney Slifka to help our members find their place on the salary schedule.

SHOW ME MY MONEY (click here!)



Upcoming events

Pumpkin Rally 2021 – Saturday September 25th
10 am – Creighton Middle School, 50 S. Kipling

With this year being such an important election, we decided to resurrect the pumpkin rally! Join us in starting this election season strong and united! 

All Jeffco employees, parents, students, and community are welcome and encouraged to join us to meet our JCEA endorsed candidates (Reed, Varda, and Parker), learn about their connection to our district, values and vision for our future.

Grab your walking shoes and some colleagues, friends or family, it should be a beautiful day to connect with Jeffco voters.

RSVP here

September Virtual All Member Meeting
Tuesday, September 21st 4:30 pm 
All JCEA members are welcome and encouraged to join us for a one hour all member meeting via zoom. This is a fast and easy way to learn about everything happening in your union and around the district. You must register for the link to join us.

Register today!