9/20/20 – Join us for bargaining tomorrow at 4:00 pm

Monday, September 21st at 4:00 pm.

Our team is returning to the table with the guidance and direction gathered from our members in our compensation survey. The district pays close attention to how many viewers are watching – please join us, it’s much more accessible now that everyone can join from the comfort of home.

We will release more details of the survey, but not before tomorrow’s session.

Obviously we do not want to tip our hand to the management team before we bargain.

Please join us Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm for what we hope will be the last bargaining session of 19-20!  

There are two easy ways to join us from anywhere!

Via Facebook with live chat: https://bit.ly/JCEA_BOAT_Live

Via district live stream (without using Facebook): https://bit.ly/MGMT_live_stream

Exploring an AFT/CEA merger

“The CEA Board of Directors and the AFT Colorado Executive Board voted last week to form an exploratory Unity Committee to develop a vision of what would be possible if our organizations consolidate our power, strength and resources. We believe we must do everything possible to create power for P-20 educators in Colorado at the bargaining table, in the community, at state and local boards of education and at the Legislature. We have an incredible opportunity to unify and strengthen our collective voice to proactively fight for public education, the schools our students and educators deserve, the labor movement and to push back against those who seek to undermine public education and the collective voice of educators.”

Read more about the unity committee and the history of AFT and CEA’s work together here:


September membership meeting Tuesday
RSVP: https://bit.ly/Sep_Mem_Mtg

Helping Kids Thrive

About Helping Kids Thrive

Helping Kids Thrive was created 30 years ago when caring community organizations came together to address the high rate of youth suicide in Jefferson County. Led by Jefferson Center, the event includes representatives from Jeffco Public Schools, Jeffco PTA, JCEA, and more, and brings together programs, resources, and tools vital to raising healthy kids. Helping Kids Thrive is a powerful way for parents to learn the tools, tips, and techniques to help with the challenges of raising kids in an ever-changing world. This year, the conference will be held completely virtually so that more parents, guardians, and caregivers will be able to access presentations and vital information than ever before.

This year, the free, 2-day community event will be held virtually for two evenings, September 30 and October 1 from 5-9 p.m. Because this is a virtual event, you don’t have to worry about missing a single one of our 16 sessions over the course of this unique two-day event! You will also have the ability to view exclusive videos from presenters for 30 days after the event.

There is a great lineup of classes including:

  •       Empowering Successful Kids: Raising Confident, Caring Young People
  •       The Teen Brain: What Are They Thinking?
  •       Parenting in a Digital World
  •       Helping Your Child Tame Their Anxious Mind
  •       and many more!

Registration is open now! Save your seat for this can’t-miss event by signing up here.

JCEA member winds NEA postcard contest!

Carolyn Sherwood, JCEA member

As a middle school art teacher at Falcon Bluffs Middle School in Littleton, Sherwood believes “art is a powerful form of communication.” She sees the 2020 election as the most important of her lifetime, and hopes that her postcard will “encourage minorities to not give up on our political system during these unjust times.” Leading up to November, Sherwood wants to make sure education is a priority on the ballot, saying all students should “have access to the educational supports they need to reach their highest potential and achieve success in life.” Prize: $2,500

Rumor Update

We are hearing rumors that some members are planning to call in a sick day on Monday as a protest. While we respect individual’s right to make this decision and willingness to take a risk, we want to be clear that this is NOT a JCEA organized job action.

We also want you to understand any risks you may be taking personally if you chose to do this.

The contract allows you to take a personal day without needing administrative permission. If you call in a sick day, you, or a family member must be ill or have an appointment for a medical visit. Your principal can ask you for documentation after even one sick day. If you cannot provide it, you could be subject to disciplinary action and/or lose a day’s pay.

You should also know that if a community member makes an open record request for all teachers who called in sick, the District must legally provide that information.

We are prepared to organize and take collective action to achieve our collective goals. Your team needs support Monday at the table – join us for virtual bargaining at 4:00 pm.