9/21/20 – Tune in at 4:00 pm today for bargaining

TODAY AT 4:00 pm.

Our team is returning to the table with the guidance and direction gathered from our members in our compensation survey. The district pays close attention to how many viewers are watching – please join us, it’s much more accessible now that everyone can join from the comfort of home.

We will release more details of the survey, but not before tomorrow’s session.

Obviously we do not want to tip our hand to the management team before we bargain.

Please join us Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm for what we hope will be the last bargaining session of 19-20!  

There are two easy ways to join us from anywhere!

Via Facebook with live chat: https://bit.ly/JCEA_BOAT_Live

Via district live stream (without using Facebook): https://bit.ly/MGMT_live_stream