9/22/21 – JCEA members recommend Reed, Varda and Parker for Board of Education 2021

September 22nd, 2021

“Jeffco educators are keenly aware of how important school board elections are to achieving and maintain the schools our students deserve. We are professional educators advocating for what our day-to-day experience shows us that our students need,” said Genevieve Bassett, Social Studies teacher at Alameda International Jr/Sr and chair of the JCEA Political Action Team. “JCEA members are working collectively to ensure high voter engagement across our membership and our communities in support of public education, public school students and public educators.”

Ms. Bassett chaired a bi-partisan team of JCEA members who began meeting last spring to discuss the 2021 school board election and interview potential candidates. “Our members were motivated to interview potential candidates early in hopes that we could identify candidates who align with our vision of a district with strong neighborhood schools with safe and welcoming learning environments, shared leadership, and the ability to attract and retain high quality educators,” she noted. “Early on, there were three candidates who came forward to interview for a recommendation from Jeffco educators: retired Jeffco teacher, Paula Reed; community member and child advocate, Mary Parker; and Jeffco parent, educator and small business owner, Danielle Varda.”

JCEA President Brooke Williams said, “I am proud of our committee’s recommendation that members support Reed, Varda, and Parker. They are champions of public education and have a demonstrated commitment to Jeffco students, educators, and school communities. As a twenty-year veteran Jeffco educator and parent of two Jeffco students, I know how important this year’s election will be. A majority of our seats are up for election and this will decide the future of our public schools.”

“Where does the future of Jeffco Public Schools lie: with a focus on all students, or a narrow political agenda? Our educators don’t want to repeat the disastrous Board of Education election in 2013 when narrow special interests took over our board and teachers left in droves.”

Williams continues, “We are committed to moving forward and building the schools our students deserve. We know that Paula Reed, Danielle Varda and Mary Parker are ready to unite our community and work to give our students a brighter future.”


JCEA is a member-led organization representing over 5,000 current licensed Jeffco educators. Our members have been supporting Jeffco students for more than 50 years. Collectively, we continue to advocate at the local, state, and national level to improve public education for all.