9/25/21 – Community Pumpkin Rally

Upcoming JCEA Election

Ernest Garibay, your current JCEA Treasurer has announced his intent to vacate his position, effective as soon as the position is filled. Ernest will continue his incredible member advocacy work as one of two JCEA representatives on the statewide CEA Board of Directors.

All JCEA members in good standing are eligible to run for this position. Anyone interested in running should submit their intent between September 27th and October 4th.

To express your interest in running simply email a brief bio (250 words or less), a picture, and if you’d like, a short video about why you hope to be the next JCEA treasurer by October 4th at 5:00 pm to Chesca Smotherman, Melissa Roach, and Brooke Williams.

Csmotherman@coloradoea.org; JCEAPresident@coloradoea.org; mlroach75@gmail.com

Check your paycheck! Raises are coming!

Encourage potential members you know to join

and sign up for Election 2021!


Check your paycheck!!!

Raises that were hard fought by you and your fellow members are here!
You should see these increases reflected on your September paycheck. If you have questions or need help walking through where you should be on the salary schedule, please reach out.

Email Lisa Elliott at lelliott@coloradoea.org 




Building temperature concerns

Your JCEA President Brooke Williams and Treasurer Rhiannon Wenning met with Tim Reed and Steve Bell about concerns around HVAC and building temperatures. Here are some things we learned:

  • All HVAC systems are connected to the Quail Building in an automated system that allows the district to check temperatures at schools, offices, and in individual classrooms.
  • Board policy dictates temperature ranges, chillers are set at 76 degrees and temperatures within buildings, offices, and classrooms may range just above or below 76 degrees.
  • The system cannot be set lower than 68 degrees for the winter.
  • There have been massive cuts to Facilities Management and we are short 75 custodians for our district, we currently have 400 but we should have over 475 in our district.
  • If you are having an issue in your building MAKE SURE you speak to your FM and Admin and ask specifically that they submit a work order at the district level.
  • If there hasn’t been a response or update on a work order within 5 days, reach out to Tim Reed and Steve Bell directly.

We created a quick link with the steps to submit work orders, the usual timeline and who to follow up with if your concerns aren’t being addressed.

Click here for more information and updates on the buildings we have heard from about temperature issues.

COVID-19 & Employment FAQ

Jeffco (along with most of the districts around Colorado and the country), continues to work to slow the spread of the virus in our schools and communities. We have compiled a landing page with common questions we get from members and helpful links to both district and health department links, and where and how to sign up for COVID-19 testing.

Common questions recently: 

Can my employer ask for my vaccination status?
YES. It is legal for employers to ask and record this information.

This is not a violation of HIPPA.

Is it legal for employers to mandate COVID-19 testing?
YES. In the interest of protecting community health, testing can be mandated in most circumstances as a mitigation tactic. The type of approved test however, can be decided by the employee. Colorado currently offers several types of tests, including saliva tests (no nasal swab required).

To find testing locations and make an appointment follow this link: https://covidcheckcolorado.org/

If I am not going to be vaccinated, and don’t want to be tested, what happens?
Potential discipline. Employees can be subject to progressive discipline, up to and including termination of employment for refusing to follow district health and safety protocols.

Who should be contacting families when there is a positive case of COVID-19?
JCPH. There are also specific people designated in every school who will communicate with families. Generally this work belongs to members of your administrative team. Classroom educators should not be asked or expected to personally notify students or families.

Click here for more answers to commonly asked questions, links and resources.

It’s all hands on deck! We are 38 days from election day!

If every JCEA member volunteered just one hour to outreach fellow members and voters this fall – we can win. We can hold onto a majority of our school board seats for the next four years! We can elect three awesome candidates who have deep roots in Jeffco. Former educators, longtime public school champions and leaders who understand that working with front-line educators is key to continuing to improve our working and learning conditions.

We have a FANTASTIC slate of candidates this fall (Paula Reed, Danielle Varda, and Mary Parker) and you and your colleagues are the most trusted and respected messengers for voters about why this election matters so much, who educators are supporting and our shared vision for the future of Jeffco Public Schools.

We can win this – if we all do our part!

Coloradans for the Common Good

Join CCG leaders on Tuesday, October 19th from 6-7:30pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arvada or via Zoom as we take public action to support affordable housing, healthy food in schools, adequate staffing for schools, and gun safety initiatives.

Register to attend either in-person or online here: October 19th CCG assembly

Issues to be discussed:

– The creation of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund in Jefferson County.
There is an affordable housing crisis in Jefferson County and no local source of funding to help
address this need! Leaders will make a presentation on the use of stimulus funds to
create a sustainable source of funding for affordable housing in Jefferson County and
call on elected officials to commit to working with CCG to make this proposal a reality.

– Moving away from unhealthy snacks in JeffCo Public Schools.
Currently, students in JeffCo can buy chips, pop, cookies, ice cream, and other unhealthy snacks – and the
sales of these snacks is tied to the pay for kitchen staff! Leaders will advance a proposal
developed through conversations with staff and parents that will help address this issue.

– Addressing the staffing crisis in JeffCo Public Schools.
JeffCo Public Schools are at a crisis point regarding staffing bus drivers, food service workers, paraprofessionals, and other hourly employees due to the district not paying competitive wages. Leaders will
present stories on this issue and advance an agenda to increase wages for these employees.

– Promoting new technologies for safer guns.
CCG leaders have been working to promote the use of technologies, such as biometric locks, that can make guns safer and help avoid gun deaths by suicide and stolen firearms. Leaders will ask law enforcement
leaders to test and evaluate these technologies, with the end of goal of expanding access to these devices to the general public.

– Protecting funding for education.

There are multiple initiatives on the Colorado ballot in November that would hurt efforts to fully fund education. Leaders will teach attendees about these initiatives and ask members to support CCG’s GOTV efforts to protect education funding.

Learn more about our community partner CCG at their website:
Coloradans for the Common Good (cocommongood.org)

Upcoming events

Saturday canvassing for Reed, Varda and Parker
Every weekend in October your JCEA Political Action Team (PAT) will be hosting neighborhood walks across Jeffco. Swing by to any location between 10:00 – 11:00 am to pick up materials for weekend door knocking. 

North Location: Nottingham Park – 8695 Allison Street (West 87th Drive & Allison Street), Arvada

Central Location: Sunset Park – 10500 West 12th Ave (12th & Miller Street), Lakewood

South Location: Chaucer Park – 10558 West Vista View Drive (Near Ute Meadows ES), Littleton

Sign up for any date or location here: bit.ly/E21-volunteer

JCEA October AR Council

Calling all ARs and AACs! Tuesday October 12th is our next council. Save the date for council!

We will be meeting in-person at the JCEA office. Dinner begins at 4:30 pm and our meeting begins at 5:00 pm. Please remember to bring your mask


Helping Kids Thrive

Helping Kids Thrive was created 31 years ago when caring community organizations came together to address the high rate of youth suicide in Jefferson County. Led by Jefferson Center, the event includes representatives from Jeffco Public Schools, Jeffco PTA, JCEA, and more, and brings together programs, resources, and tools vital to raising healthy kids. Helping Kids Thrive is a powerful way for parents to learn the tools, tips, and techniques to help with the challenges of raising kids in an ever-changing world.

This year, the conference will be held completely virtually so that more parents, guardians, and caregivers will be able to access presentations and vital information than ever before.

Learn More