9/29/21 – AR Communications

AR Communications

We are updating our lists for the school year! 

As an AR, AAC, or point of contact for your building we want to make sure you are getting all of the current relevant communications! Here’s a quick summary of what communications we use, when and why

Regular meetings:

AR Council – 2nd Tuesday of the month, generally dinner is served at 4:30pm and the meeting begins at 5pm. Our October council will be held in person at the JCEA office.

During September council, folks were asked to decide if council should pivot back to virtual or remain in person until COVID-19 cases decline. If you haven’t cast your vote yet, please take 60 seconds to vote with the link below!

We want to hear from YOU!

Take 30 seconds to add your vote to the tally from council. After October do you want In-person or virtual council? http://bit.ly/2Xf7mac

Email, text and social media

AR/AAC/Elected leaders Remind 101 classroom – Remind 101 is our only text platform that has the ability to send images and attachments, which makes it SUPER helpful for sending quick updates. It also makes it simple to share information via text with graphics.

Please take 60 seconds to sign up for our JCEA Remind 101
(if you are already signed up it won’t change anything).

There are two quick and easy ways to join:

Click this link: https://www.remind.com/join/jceaar1

OR text @jceaar1 to 81010

Link tree – your one-stop-shop for all things JCEA!
Save this quick and easy link landing spot that connects to everything you need. Links to our collective bargaining agreement, salary schedule, how to update your contact information, social media accounts and upcoming events included.


Email communications-

Our general rule of thumb is, if you aren’t hearing from us a *little* more than you want to, something isn’t working properly.

The JCEA Insight-  All member emails. We usually send an all member email at least once a week depending on what’s happening around the district. Insights usually come from your JCEA President, Brooke Williams.

The JCEA Vital Link – ARs/AACs and elected JCEA leaders. The “Vital Link” goes out every month after council with all of the materials and a recap of that month’s council. Vital link’s usually come from your JCEA OAT chair Cory Bissell and also go out intermittently through the month as updates, events and announcements are needed.

Unfortunately email servers such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. regularly update their internal spam settings, so we recommend that you mark JCEA as a safe sender (NOT SPAM) so your union communications don’t get lost. 

Hustle – direct texts from member to member

Hustle is a SUPER user friendly direct texting system that we regularly use for communication across our membership. Many JCEA leaders and activists volunteer their time to text out updates, surveys, events and calls to action. If you ever receive a text from a fellow member, rest assured it’s not a robot, it is one of your fellow members and Jeffco colleagues!