9/4/2020 – Together we are stronger

A message from JCEA President Brooke Williams

Dear JCEA members,

As we enter into the national holiday weekend celebrating the labor movement, we want to celebrate us. During incredibly difficult times, educators in Jeffco have stepped up to do our best for our students. Last spring, over the summer, and now that school is back in session.

You have fought for safe teaching and learning conditions. You have insisted on fair pay and reasonable increases. You have called out the lack of resources, training, and poorly defined instructional models.

We have won on some of these issues, but not all. We still have much to do. As we prepare to see students in person, we know that this increased exposure will result in positive cases and quarantines. We are working to quickly set up the monitoring committee called for in our MOU so we can call for appropriate responses.

Please know that your JCEA leadership hears you. We see you. We stand by you. Take this long weekend to turn off your email and recharge with family and friends. We will be back at it next week, including bargaining on Thursday the 10th at 5:00 pm.

We will move forward together. Together we are stronger…for ourselves, our families and our community.

In solidarity,

Brooke Williams


COVID-19 reporting form:
Is your building following the District safety protocols and the MOU?

If not, fill out our “whistleblower form” to report it. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and remind people what the rules are and how to follow them. You CAN report without providing your name, however we have to at least have your worksite location so we can work with the district to problem solve as quickly as possible.



AR Council

September AR Council is Tuesday September 8th. If you are not able to join us, please take the opportunity to send a proxy from your building in your place. You should have received a zoom registration yesterday from Chanda Reyes – if you have not received the link, or if you need to let us know about a proxy attending in your place who needs a link please contact Chanda directly – CReyes@coloradoea.org


Bargaining dates 9/10 & 9/14

More than 3,500 Jeffco educators have signed our petition to support investing in educator compensation. It may feel odd to fight for compensation in the midst of everything happening around us, but the fight continues. Colorado’s education funding structure is broken. Educators struggle to stay in our profession because making ends meet can be so difficult, and we will continue to push for the district to do more than offer what comes out to a pay cut this year.

If you haven’t signed yet click here: https://bit.ly/Invest_In_Jeffco_Educators

We have seen what happens when educators don’t feel valued – they leave our district and the profession in droves. When we are being asked to do so much more, it is the right fight to continue to advocate for compensation. This does not mean we won’t continue to fight for health and safety and to create the best possible learning conditions for our students.

Join us for bargaining Thursday September 10th at 5:00 pm and Monday September 14th at 5:00 pm as we continue to discuss compensation.

JCEA recommended candidates for 2020

Every year, the member-led, bipartisan Small Donor Committee conducts interviews with candidates for local office or board of education, and makes recommendations based solely on their positions around public education and related issues. Recently, candidates for Colorado House and Senate interviewed with the JCEA SDC, seeking a recommendation from educators. Additionally, not every candidate running seeks to interview with our committee, thereby making them ineligible for our recommendation.

CLICK HERE for the list of State House and Senate candidates in Jefferson County that are recommended by the JCEA SDC. This year, we also have a Jeffco teacher and fellow JCEA member running for a County Commissioner seat, and though we do not typically take a position on those seats, we do encourage our members to run for public office. Therefore, the JCEA SDC issued an additional recommendation for one Jeffco County Commissioner seat. Please reach out to JCEA Political Action Team Chair, Jon Cefkin (jon.cefkin@gmail.com) or Callie Orgeron (corgeron@coloradoea.org), if you have questions about the JCEA recommendation process.

Ready to volunteer? Follow the link to sign up! http://bit.ly/E20_JCEA_volunteer

We are #JCEAproud