Empowerment through our Negotiated Agreement

A group of member leaders worked to ensure all educators in Jeffco Schools to know their contract during the 2018 L3 course Empowering Educators Through Your Rights and Responsibilities.

The session was aimed to walk educators through the foundational articles of their Negotiated Agreement: collaboration, time management, class sizes and case loads, and your evaluation process. These articles were through to be the most critical for early career educators as they entered the profession and Jeffco Schools. The articles discussed were also thought to be the most foundational for student success, as Brooke Williams, Alameda Art teacher and JCEA Vice President, told the class of educators, “Our working conditions are our students learning conditions.” An educator who has enough time to plan a well crafted lesson will be ready to teach all the students in their classroom.

Moreover, the session focused on being your own advocate. The more you know about what is in your contract, the more you can be active in order to make sure that it is working for everyone. Dale Munholland, social studies teacher and JCEA Secretary, said “The agreement only works if you make it work. It’s just a piece of paper if you don’t do anything with it.”

Educators in the session walked away knowing more about the importance of the Negotiated Agreement, it’s history, and how vital it was for speaking up for our schools. One participant said, “If we don’t speak up changes won’t happen and we aren’t advocating for what’s best for students.” Our collaboratively bargained Negotiated Agreement is just one way we stand up for the schools our students deserve.