JCEA has negotiated salary and working conditions with Jeffco Public Schools since 1968.

On January 1st 1968, the Jefferson County Education Association won its first binding negotiated agreement with Jefferson County Public Schools. This marked the beginning of 50 years of protecting teacher voice, educator empowerment, and collective strength. This was the beginning of our union.

The ability to reach a good negotiated agreement is dependent on a strong, engaged membership and community.

Bargaining Team

The JCEA Team

Christy Yacano, Chair; DTL at Sierra Elementary School.
Stephi Rossi, Wheat Ridge High School
Arik Heim, Wheat Ridge High School
Rob Cassady, Standley Lake High School
Tony Tochtrop, Molholm Elementary
Anthea Justice, Ryan Elementary
Lisa Elliott, Staff Liaison

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The support team will organize schools to attend public bargaining sessions, educate members in the audience about the process, and is a pathway to being on the team at the table.

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Can’t make a meeting? Want to watch a previous bargaining session? Visit the JCEA Negotiations via Livestream.

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