JCEA President

Brooke Williams

Art Teacher

Brooke Williams is a K-12 art teacher and the President of the Jefferson County Education Association in Colorado.  She received her B.A. in  Fine Arts with an emphasis in K-12 Education and an emphasis in Photography and Sculpture, in 2002 from University of Northern Colorado in Greely, Colorado.  Later, she received a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Technology from Colorado Christian Colorado University, in Denver.  She has been a member of the association and educator for 19 year, and served as an AR, a Lakewood articulation area coordinator, JCEA Secretary, and JCEA Vice President.

I’m Brooke Williams and I have the great honor of serving my fellow educators, students, and community as the JCEA President. As an educator, I enjoy standing up and advocating for public education with my union brothers and sisters. I strongly believe in public education, neighborhood schools, teacher voice, and union values. I’m also a proud mother of two JeffCo students.

I began my educational journey in Jeffco at South Lakewood Elementary. School was not easy for me as a child. I had a stepmother who often told me I’d never graduate or make it. I found love, safety, and encouragement from my teachers. My teachers are the reason I went into education and why I believe in public education.

Our profession looks very different today and we face many obstacles. COVID has had a huge impact on our profession, students, and communities. It is in these tough times we must stand together, but we also have a huge responsibility to our students, communities, and each other that when we return to school it’s done thoughtfully, safely, and in a responsible way. I believe together as educators we always have the right to demand changes in our district to give our students the education they deserve and ensure it’s equitable