JESPA & JCEA – Stronger Together

Hi all, I’m Lara Center, President of JESPA (Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association), the union representing all support staff in your buildings and in the district. I want to thank you for letting me have time at your Council meeting last night to tell you a little about our structure, who we are, and what we are working on. With the expiration of our contract drawing near (August 2019), we are working to increase membership, develop our leadership structures, and engage members in a meaningful campaign to improve their lives and working conditions. I believe that if both of our associations work TOGETHER to build relationships and community within our work sites, we can build collective voice and power for ALL Jeffco employees.

I want to reiterate the challenge to you all to have 1-2 conversations with support staff in your building. Get to know them. Ask them what they care about. Tell them why you belong to your union, and invite them to join. Please take notes on this note catcher and return those at your May Council meeting. If someone wants to join, they can do so in several ways: 1. Online at, 2. Pony paper forms to JESPA office, 3. Bring paper form to May Council.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know all the answers. Here’s the secret: Just start talking and get to know your colleagues! But if you run into questions and need answers or support, feel free to reach out to me at Also, if there isn’t currently one, and you have someone in your building who seems to be a great leader or is willing to be the building rep, please send me that information and I am happy to follow-up.

Thanks again for letting me join you all! I look forward to opportunities to create continued, collaborative work together to ensure that together we can make strong gains for our professions, students and communities!

Lara Center

JESPA President

District Paraprofessional