Together we are fighting for the schools our students deserve.


Together we are fighting for the schools our students deserve.

The Jefferson County Education Association is a labor union made up of educators in Jefferson County. Together, we fight for better funded schools, more supported educators, and enhanced student outcomes. The power of JCEA comes from its membership, and the ability of the Union to bargain for better workplace conditions and salaries is only possible when our membership is strong. It is the right of every Jeffco educator to organize collectively within the district and their worksites, and through JCEA you exercise that right.

By joining JCEA, you become part of an organization larger and more powerful than any individual person. That strength is made manifest in every bargained contract and expression of power on behalf of our educators. Membership gives you the power to advocate for yourself and your coworkers and the ability to influence the direction of public education in Colorado. Below, find out how membership with JCEA can help you support your schools, as a member of your union

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Bargaining Power

The rights of educators in their schools are fought for and won each year at the bargaining table. That bargaining is only made possible by maintaining a strong base of membership. It is the collective power of our membership, and the district’s knowledge of that power, that brings them to the table. Rather than the relationship between employees of the district and the district management being a one-way system, the process of bargaining allows educators to exert control over their jobs and how they are defined. This collaborative endeavor means we, the educators in Jeffco, are empowered to make public education a more sustainable, equitable, and thriving profession. 

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JCEA is a voice for educators in their workplaces. In order to create truly democratic systems, this representation is necessary in both evaluations and disciplinary meetings. Violations of the bargaining agreement are handled through JCEA’s grievance process, which empowers educators to defend the rights that they have collectively won.
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Community Building

In order to ensure public education remains in the hands of the public, it is necessary to engage the community that the education system serves. JCEA considers itself a critical part of the Jeffco community. Students, parents, and educators all make up this community. They are critical partners in the fight to create a functional and fully-funded education system. Throughout the year, JCEA engages these groups in various ways to make sure their stake in our education system is respected and utilized.
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Member Benefits

On an individual basis, members of JCEA qualify for the National Education Association’s Member Benefits. These benefits include exclusive pricing on home and auto insurance, as well as selected discounts on auto purchases and countless other retail locations. Find out about all of the benefits of membership by visiting the Member Benefits website.