7/20/20 – #RECALLtheRestart response and action steps

Member’s response to #RECALLtheRestart

Today JCEA has heard a variety of responses about our calling on the District to hold off on in person learning until we can collaborate on more health and safety protocols and answering the many questions our members have.

Many members have applauded JCEA taking a strong public stance, while some are not happy about it.

We want to be clear about why we called for this.

A huge number of educators, both members and non-members responded to our recent survey. They asked for specific safety provisions to be in place. They asked for more details about the district plan. We have also called for a deeper collaborative process than what we have experienced in the last few months.

In addition, we are launching a petition for community and JCEA members to sign. Many parents have told us that they are looking for more details as well. Some parents are holding off deciding on in person or online until these details are provided. Petition information included below.

We ask our members, whatever your personal opinion on in person learning, to enter into this conversation understanding the deep concerns many of your colleagues have for their personal safety and that of their families and their students. We are a democratically governed organization; all voices matter. We can disagree but still stand together.

When we stand together we win!