6/23/2020 – We need YOU to support bargaining tomorrow – LAST SCHEDULED DATE!

Tomorrow is our LAST scheduled bargaining session – district management has been dragging their feet on language and proposed a Salary freeze – It’s TIME TO SHOW UP!

Tomorrow the JCEA team will counter on the districts financial offer (for everyone who’s been asking about when we will talk financials – now is the time!)

Today about 150 JCEA members participated virtually AND a dozen folks showed up in person (socially distanced of course!) to the Ed Center to make their voices heard – and management felt it. A dozen folks stood outside the windows with signs and it was AWESOME!

We need big participation tomorrow to push this over the line. It is SUPER easy to join Virtually – from your computer or phone from the comfort of home. Even if you can’t watch the whole time, showing up for a bit matters and ALSO boosting and re-sharing JCEA’s Facebook and twitter posts helps us keep folks updated, excited and spreads the word quickly across the district.

To join on Facebook with Live Chat tomorrow click here: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Barg_6_24

To join without using Facebook tomorrow click here: https://bit.ly/MGMT_live_stream

Join us at 1:00 pm tomorrow – management pays close attention to how many folks are watching it makes a difference when you are there!

If you are willing to show up in person tomorrow – Text Chesca directly at 720-454-6066










JPS management has given their financial proposal. The theme is NO.
Take our poll on this proposal NOW

Take our Quick poll on this proposal HTTPS://BIT.LY/JCEA_SALARY_2020

Primary Ballots are active – it’s time to vote!
The state board of education is an important piece of Colorado’s education puzzle!

Most of you will likely see Karla’s name on your ballot. Karla’s beliefs and goals compliment those of JCEA. She supports more funding for education and recognizes the negative impacts of TABOR and the BS Factor. She recognizes the toll lack of funding plays in impacting mental health and school safety. She decries the use of standardized testing to create winners and losers. Karla Esser is the voice we need on the State Board of Education to change its course. Please help elect Karla Esser by getting your ballot in, making a small contribution or volunteering to help!  

Learn more about Karla Esser on her website here: https://www.karlaesser.com/

CEA, our Statewide union has also endorsed Lisa Escarcega!

Lisa grew up in poverty in Detroit, Michigan. She lived in 12 homes through the foster system until she was  eventually reunited with her family. That  childhood experience affected her learning all the way through college. It was her teachers and her high-school counselors that broke down barriers and allowed her to get where she is today. It was their support that inspired her to go into her 36 year education career and advocate for strong public schools.

Read more about Lisa here: https://www.lisaescarcega.com/

JCEA members, please check your spam folder!

We have heard from some of our members that recently JCEA and/or CEA emails have been going into your spam folders – The tough reality is, we can’t control when or how email providers change their settings and from time to time it happens.

We are troubleshooting on our end, and also encourage anyone who has been missing their regular JCEA updates to check your spam folder – you may need to manually mark JCEA and/or CEA as “not spam” AND add JCEA and CEA as “safe senders”.

If you don’t uncover our emails hiding in your spam box please reach out to Chanda Reyes directly to troubleshoot – creyes@coloradoea.org

As always you can find us on Facebook with regular updates as well – https://www.facebook.com/JCEAColorado/