JCEA Awards

The JCEA Awards are given each year to member leaders and community supporters to recognize the outstanding contributions they have made to Jefferson County and our union.

JCEA Leadership Elections

JCEA officers are responsible for developing and carrying out the strategic plan, the missions and vision of the union, and fulfilling the responsibilities of their specific elected positions.


The JCEA Executive Committee and Board of Directors is responsible for developing the goals, strategic plan, and mission and vision of JCEA. Each role has specific duties they are responsible for in order to grow the power of your union.
Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

We believe that every child in Jefferson County, regardless of color, background, or zipcode, should have safe, equitable, and thriving schools.
Our Wins

Our Wins

Your union is always fighting for a better Jeffco. Below are some of the recent victories you and your colleagues have won by taking action together!


The President serves as the official spokesperson for the membership of JCEA. The President is elected by majority vote of membership and may serve up to two consecutive terms, each term being three years.