The President serves as the official spokesperson for the membership of JCEA. The President is elected by majority vote of membership and may serve up to two consecutive terms, each term being three years.
Brooke and Colleen holding campaign literature in front of a house while knocking on doors

Brooke and Colleen knocking on doors during the 2021 school board election.

I’m Brooke Williams, and I have the great honor of serving my fellow educators, students, and community as the JCEA President. I believe strongly in building a better future together for students and educators. Every child has a right to the best educational experiences regardless of their zip code, color of their skin, or family income. As an educator, I enjoy standing up and advocating for public education with my union brothers and sisters. I strongly believe in public education, neighborhood schools, teacher voice, and union values. I’m also a proud mother of two Jeffco students.

I began my educational journey in Jeffco at South Lakewood Elementary. School was not easy for me as a child. I had a stepmother who often told me I would never graduate or make it on my own. I found love, safety, and encouragement from my teachers. My teachers are the reason I went into education and why I believe strongly in public education.

Our profession looks very different today, and we face many obstacles. COVID has had a huge impact on our profession, students, and communities. It is in these tough times we have learned the importance of standing together for our students, communities, and each other. I believe together as educators we always have the right to demand changes in our district and state to give our students the best education possible. We all have a responsibility to continue to work for a better future for our students, educators, and communities, and when we fight together, we win together.

In solidarity,
Signature of Brooke A WIlliams
Brooke A Williams
Art Educator & JCEA President