Strengthening our schools through advocacy, bargaining and collective action.

By becoming a member of JCEA you join together with nearly 5,000 teachers, librarians, counselors and other licensed employees of the Jefferson County School district that are standing up for all students. We believe that the every student in Jefferson County should have a quality teacher in every classroom, all voices matter, and our students deserve safe and welcoming schools. Our students learning conditions are our working conditions, and we work to advocate for the best public schools in our communities.

  • Support for individual teachers throughout their careers. Effective professionals in law and medicine have access to strong preparatory education programs and on the job training. Effective teachers require similar opportunities.
  • Support for building schools that attract more quality teachers into the profession. Strong professionals gravitate to work in environments where they can have a chance to succeed.
  • A professional compensation system that has the best chance of attracting top college student candidates into the profession.

A quality public education system is a key factor in building strong communities, therefore all stakeholders including, parents, teachers, students, principals, business owners, elected officials and community members must play a role in ensuring students in Jeffco can achieve real results. JCEA works closely with all stakeholders to find creative ways to improve accountability at all levels.

As educators we understand that schools need to be institutions of learning not institutions of testing. Unfortunately, we have been so overburdened with unfunded mandates that we struggle to find the time to teach the skills that students will need to compete. Belonging to our Association gives you a strong, unified voice with education policy makers.