10/2/20 – Ratification vote results part two

Dear JCEA members,

We have been contacted by a few of our members about the exact count from our recent ratification vote. The JCEA elections committee has reviewed and certified the election and the results are included below. It is important to us that these results are given specific context.

While 85% of members who participated voted to approve this agreement it does not infer that our bargaining team or membership will not continue to advocate for increased educator compensation moving forward. We do not want the strong support for this settlement to be misinterpreted as ongoing approval for our district’s unwillingness to commit to long term step movement.

We know that we must continue to fight for fair compensation and improved statewide funding. Our schools are starving for funding and our educators should not bear the burden of this broken system on their backs. Our 2020 election work has launched (there are several issues on the ballot which will impact school funding) and our 2021 contract campaign is being built as we speak by our members and staff.

Voting for the tentative agreement closed at 4pm on Tuesday September 29th 2020. 1956 out of 2926 JCEA members cast a ballot. 67% of our membership voted. Of those ballots cast, 85% were “Yes” votes to ratify the tentative agreement and 15% were “No” votes.

JCEA uses CEA’s electronic voting system platform (Qualtrics) due to it’s high level of security. The ballot results were reviewed and certified by members of the JCEA Elections Committee on Sept 29.

If you have questions regarding the process, please contact the Elections Committee Chair, Melissa Roach, at mlroach@hotmail.com.