5/29/21 – Thank you. You deserve it.

You made it.

Thank you for all of your incredible hard work.

There isn’t enough time to truly capture all of the extraordinary circumstances, challenges and triumphs from the last 14 months, but we know that across every corner of the district, each and every one of you went above and beyond. You made it through what will surely be looked back on as the most difficult years  in modern education history.

If there ever were a year to stand with your colleagues to advocate for what you deserve, this is the year. You all have moved mountains to support your students and each other. You deserve what you need to feel valued. You deserve what you need to be successful in supporting your students. Every Jeffco student deserves a high-quality education, and frontline educators work every single day towards that goal.

Your working conditions are our students learning conditions.

You all have proven just how essential education is and how critically important it is to our entire society. The system isn’t failing. It’s been starved. For far too long educators and schools have done more and more with less and less. The ongoing battle to properly nourish (fund) public education continues and will year after year moving forward. But this year, with more than 100 million additional dollars coming into our district, we believe its time for bold action.

For Jeffco, NOW is the time to invest in educators. It’s an investment in students, our communities and our collective future.

For the next 2-3 weeks your union bargaining team is headed back to the table to continue to bargain over compensation, equity, caseloads, class sizes, plan time, leaves, collaboration, AMP, SPED, Nurses, remote instruction and so, so much more.

We have had 15 sessions so far this spring, more than 50 educators presenting at the bargaining table and over 100 pages of language worked on. Your team is getting close, and every action you take to support them, matters. View recorded sessions here.

Now is the time to join with your colleagues and organize for what you all deserve not only on your paycheck, but in your schools.

Action steps to get involved today

Endless gratitude for all of our current JCEA members who have continued to fight forward together in the hardest years ever. Your passion, dedication, honesty, energy and commitment astound us daily.

Join us!

If you not a member yet commit to joining with thousands of your colleagues in JCEA, and become a member today! The 2021 early enrollment program allows you to join today and commit to your contract priorities, have a voice and a vote on your new agreement and your dues deduction will begin September 2021. Click here to join JCEA today!

  • Talk to your colleagues. Ask them how they feel about bargaining. Share with them how you feel. Ask questions, weight pros and cons, commit to action.
  • Sign our photo petition for fair pay, equity, collaboration and respect. (Included below)
  • Join us June 3rd at the Ed Center for a family friendly rally and march in support of Jeffco educators and ESPs. JCEA and JESPA are united to advocate for equity, collaboration, respect, adequate staffing and fair pay. RSVP for June 3rd HERE
  • Sign up for other actions (post cards, texting, community engagement etc.)
  • Watch virtual bargaining:
    • June 1st, 6:00 – 9:00 pm – JCEA Compensation counter proposals
    • June 4th, 8:00 am – 11:00 am -District counter proposal on compensation. JCEA counter proposals to be announced
  • June 10th, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm – Marathon session – join us!!


Organized people with organized resources make bold action happen.

Current salary proposals:

Management’s compensation presentation HERE. (Page 10)

JCEA’s compensation presentation HERE.

Equity Language

JCEA’s EMOAT team (Ethnic Minority Outreach and Advocacy team) worked throughout the year on an entirely new proposal for our contract on racial equity for staff and students which was presented February 25th 2021. To date we have not received a redline response to our language, rather an MOU written by Superintendent Dorland and her team. We will follow the lead of our EMOAT team as they call for support moving forward.

This is an historic opportunity for Jeffco to lead in the work of supporting BIPOC educators, students and families, we believe we can do difficult work together. We hope they will continue to listen to our educators of color at the bargaining table and commit to the process.

If you support equity for all join our allies group now to get involved. Contact Rhiannon at rhiannonwenning@gmail.com

JCEA Bargaining support photo petition

More than 1,500 Jeffco educators have signed so far! Let’s keep the momentum growing!

This petition will be delivered to the district management team, our school board members, cabinet members and Superintendent as a show of support for your collective goals at the bargaining table.

As always, we are stronger working together than working alone. Join us!

3 easy steps to support:

  1. Sign the virtual petition HERE.
  2. Submit any photo of your choosing – either via text to Chesca at (720) 454 6066 OR via email to jceacomms@gmail.com
  3. Spread the word! Out reach your fellow Jeffco colleagues and ask them to join you!
    Let’s keep the movement growing!

Check out the latest update with new photos below – look at all of those beautiful humans!