Bargaining 2019 is Here!

Tonight marked the beginning of bargaining! Your JCEA bargaining team met with Jeffco District representatives to discuss how to use the 50% of mill dollars earmarked for salary increases.

The District did not have a position about what they wanted to do with the dollars, except to have any retroactive pay from the beginning of this school year in a lump sum payment. Any COLA negotiated would however be ongoing for future pay periods   

JCEA asked the district to consider a combination of a COLA, and an effort to additionally compensate employees that were in Jeffco during between 2011-2013 when they experienced three years in a row of step freezes. This will likely be a part of a slow, but ongoing effort to reward loyalty to our district, and while we won’t be able to give all employees several steps right away, we can start by rewarding them one of the steps they are behind on our salary schedule this school year. We need to honor the sacrifice our educators made to help our district get through the recession, and the experience everyone brings working with our kids. We know this is only the beginning of making our educators who have been through pay freezes whole, but it would be a step in the right direction.

JCEA believes every educator, no matter how long in the District, should receive the respect of additional, professional, compensation.

At the end of the night  David Bell, the Chief Human Resources officer was tasked with putting  together a cost analysis of giving all educators who were frozen in Jeffco during the recession one additional step on the salary scale this year. We also asked for an ongoing analysis for doing the same in the next two years, to total three steps. The analysis will also include the cost of additional compensation for all educators in the district.

We are currently in a holding pattern while waiting to hear back about the costs of these proposals, and are looking at scheduling an additional bargaining session to further discuss these items. Stay tuned for more updates and you can find all bargaining sessions on the Action Calendar of the JCEA Website.