Grub Club 2021

In 2015, there were more than 2,400 students in Jeffco Schools who didn’t have a permanent home or a hot meal to go home to at night. As educators we know this affects their ability to perform in the classroom, and as human beings we know what this can do to a student’s spirit. Every spring, we lead Grub Club in order to ensure all students experiencing homelessness in Jeffco can have food throughout the school year.

JCEA, JESPA, and Jeffco PTA will partner up again with the Jeffco Action Center this January to help ensure these students have food. Last year February we donated 36,159 items; enough food to feed 100 students for the entire year. This food ensures that our homeless students have what they need to come to school ready to learn.

This year due to CO-VID we have expanded our collection of items through monetary donations.  A $25 donation fills 1/4 of a box of goods. Any monetary donations helps fill a box for a student in need.  See below for flier and QR Code.

Each articulation area is assigned a specific item to collect – remember these items must be portable and, if they require cooking, must be able to be heated in their container. Please no canned items that require a stove or can opener. See list below for fliers for each area and collection items:

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    1. Christine Wiggins Post
  1. I have boxes of cookies and was wondering if I can drop these off at the Jeffco Action center specifically for the Grub Club at any time.

    1. Christine Wiggins Post

      Hi Kim,
      Unfortunately the Grub Club food drive that benefits our students only occurs in January – February of every year, however the Action Center always appreciates donations. If you donate the items now they will still benefit our broader community.

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