JCEA Takes Action to Support Students Across Colorado

Posted on: December 5, 2018
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
Posted in: Insight

This past week, JCEA moved its assets from FirstBank, to a local Colorado Credit Union. Our organization has banked with FirstBank for 10 years, and received good service during that time, but the choice for us to change our banking partnership was simple – FirstBank invested in the “No on Amendment 73” campaign. While FirstBank has supported many education nonprofits, they actively chose to invest in a campaign that hurt our students across Colorado.

We believe all students across Colorado deserve a five day school week.

We believe all students across Colorado deserve arts, music, physical education, expanded electives, and college and career training opportunities.

We believe all students deserve recess.

We believe all students deserve a certified classroom instructors and education support professionals that can earn a living wage and afford to live in their communities.

And most importantly, we believe all students in Colorado deserve a fully funded education. Amendment 73 would have made a positive impact in the education funding deficit, providing significant opportunities for all students across our state. The failure of this measure was disheartening, but we are committed to keep fighting for our students. We have chosen to move our monies to a financial institution that aligns with our values and supports public education; will you commit to doing the same?

Below is a letter to the Senior Vice President of FirstBank from the JCEA Board of Directors:

Dear Stacy,

On Friday November 30, the Jefferson County Education Association terminated its relationship with First Bank. Over the ten years that we have been at First Bank, we have had good service. However, in the fall election, our members, educators from across Jefferson County, worked hard for additional school funding. The negative factor, begun during the recession, is still with us, and Jeffco Public Schools is underfunded by approximately $80 million EACH year. Amendment 73 would have addressed this and funded schools to closer to the national average (but still below it).

We were saddened to see that First Bank contributed money to the “NO on 73” issue campaign. After a large federal tax cut for 2018, we would have thought that Colorado businesses would have been willing to pay a little more in state taxes to benefit public schools and the students they serve. It was disappointing to say the least that many businesses, including yours, did not.

The JCEA Board of Directors voted to move our association monies to a bank which would be more in alignment with our values. We hope that First Bank will reconsider its priorities in the future and become a better corporate citizen that supports public education.=


The JCEA Board of Directors

John Ford, President

Brooke Williams, Vice President

Dale Munholland, Secretary

Deborah Bacon, Treasurer

Angela Anderson, CEA Board of Directors

Jon Cefkin, CAAT Chair

Robert Hawkins, EMOAT Chair

Frank Reetz, PPAT Chair

Linda Millard, COAT Chair

Kendall Bolton, ECEAT Chair

Christy Yacano, NAAT Chair

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