Tentative Agreement Reached for 2022-23!

Posted on: August 3, 2022
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
Posted in: Bargaining
JCEA Bargaining team wearing red at the Ed Center.

With only 13 days until the first day of school we have some good news about your PAY and contract! After over 9 hours in mediation with the district, your JCEA Bargaining team is excited to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with the district.

Some details of the tentative agreement include:

  • Article 5: Time. 3 Additional non-contact days for elementary schools and 3 additional late starts for all schools for additional planning time.
  • Article 8: Resources, Class sizes, & Caseloads. The district will pay $2 million in a small schools allocation (less than 275 students) to pay for DTLs and Instructional Coaches. All schools will at minimum have a half time DTL and half time IC.
    Early Childhood educators will get compensated for all professional development, and additional language to protect their workload and planning time.
  • Article 11: Academic Freedom. The district will provide tools to allow educators to remove their curriculum easily from platforms, like Google Drive, when they leave the district.
  • Article 17: Changes to lane movement for veteran employees, 1% stipend for Title I educators, and a new Warren Tech salary schedule.
    Compensation: A new salary schedule of twenty-two steps with a base salary of $50,000 and an ending salary just over $100,000. All employees will get at least a $3,000 raise, so employees will move at least one, if not more, step(s). You can view the schedule at this website.
  • Article 26: Special Education. Special Education staff may fulfill a portion of their 22.5 additional contract hours utilizing after school IEP meetings.
  • Mental Health & Safety MOU: The development of a committee that will be charged with identifying solutions to retain mental health professionals, alleviate their workloads, and recruit professionals to the many open positions.

Additional changes were made to Article 7: Evaluations, Article 14: Reduction in Force, and Article 16: Variances.These issues will be brought to our membership for approval.

Ratification will take place from August 10-16 and a full copy of the tentative agreement will be linked in your ratification ballot.

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