Update from our Second Session

Posted on: February 2, 2024
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
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Bargaining Update!

Your JCEA bargaining team came to the table last night for our second session of negotiating the full JCEA contract! Shout out to all the amazing educators who joined us in the room last night! Your support is essential in helping us secure a contract that respects and retains educators.  

Last night we brought Benefits (Appendix C), Collaboration (Article 10), and Professional Learning (Article 6) to the table. 

The largest change in our benefits proposal included moving to a percentage based model. Under the current flat contribution model, the district contributes a flat dollar amount to your benefits, and when costs rise, the largest portion of the increase is placed upon you, the employee. Moving to a percentage based model would help lower health insurance costs, especially for employees covering their families, and when costs rise the increases will be split between you and the district.

We also spent time talking about professional learning, and our current Article 6 proposal expands the use of the professional growth funds to allow educators to access the funds for other professional learning aside from conferences. We also added in two professional development days so you can access leave to attend professional learning outside of the district, like webinars, classes, etc. Since there is a monetary aspect to both this proposal and our benefits proposal, the district was not able to counter these last night. 

The district passed counter proposals from our last session on Association Relationship (Article 3), Grievances (Article 19), and Professional Behavior and Educator Discipline (Article 20). The largest part of the discussion centered around their Article 20 proposal, as this had the most substantive changes. This proposal included a new type of letter, a Letter of Expectation, which is non-disciplinary, and can be used to communicate expectations. Since it is non-disciplinary, they also stated it is not subject to the grievance process in Article 19. However, the district also said other non-disciplinary ways expectations could be communicated instead of a Letter of Expectation is through an email. 

At the end of the evening, JCEA countered Article 3 and Article 19, and the district returned counter proposals for Article 1 and Article 10

Next week we will counter Article 20, and bring Evaluations (Article 7), (Article 18), and (Article 23), and the district will counter Professional Learning (Article 6). We will be back at the table next Thursday at the Ed Center, but if you can’t make it next week, you can commit NOW to attending a session this year in order to WIN on the priorities your union is bringing to the table. 


Make sure you wear BLUE for BARGAINING every Thursday! We want to see you stand together – take photos and post them to social media with #JCEAunited.


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