Update from the table: May 4

Posted on: May 6, 2024
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
Posted in: Bargaining
JCEA educators at bargaining in Union Strong shirts on April 18, 2024.

Your bargaining team was at the table Saturday, May 4 and secured two more tentative agreements! 

  • We have a tentative agreement on Article 23: Remote/ Virtual Instruction. The agreement ensures educators are not required to deliver remote and in person instruction simultaneously, and increases educator voice and collaboration at JVA and JRLP. 
  • We reached a tentative agreement on Article 12: Hiring. Staffing, and Displacement. Wins in this article include that the district will not contract positions out unless they cannot be filled due to insufficient applicants, current employees can be considered for jobs which open throughout the school year, and that schools and departments must use the JCEA/District established rubric when considering displacements. 

Our teams also passed the following counter-proposals: 

  • JCEA gave a counter proposal for Article 5: Time Management. This article is moving closer to an agreement, but we are still working out additional required days for teachers on special assignment (TOSAs).
  • JCEA passed a counter-proposal for Article 26: Special Education. Very important – we are fighting for all Special Education professionals to get paid for additional workdays to reflect all the extra work you do to accommodate your students, plan for instruction, and attend IEPs and Evaluations outside the 40 hour work week. The District does not want to move from the current practice of 3 days because they have stated only just over 30% of educators have requested additional pay. If you work in Special Education and have not requested pay for 3 additional workdays, do it now! This time is NOT required to be put in as additional working days, but instead should be the combined hours (up to 3 days) you spend working outside the 40 hour workweek. Use this form to put in your request (you must be logged in to your Jeffco account).
  • JCEA ended with a counter-proposal for Article 24: Elementary Art, Music and PE. Our proposal continues to work on improving working conditions for AMP educators who teach in K-8 schools and ensuring there is a collaborative process when considering a fourth subject area in the AMP rotation. 
  • JCEA passed back counter proposals for Article 3: Association Relationship and Article 4: Negotiations Procedure

While this progress is good, we have 2 more bargaining sessions left and 9 articles still open, not including compensation, coach and activities pay, and benefits! If you want to settle a fair contract before it expires on July 31, we need you to take action. 

This Thursday, May 9th, we are hosting a joint action with JESPA members (you may recall they were forced to declare impasse at their bargaining table). We will gather around the Ed Center at 4:30pm and rally before the School Board meeting, then walk into the Board meeting together at 5:00pm to support JCEA and JESPA members giving public comment. Bargaining will begin at 6:00pm on the 4th floor of the Ed Center, and we need to pack the house! Can we count on you to show the Superintendent and School Board members that you care about settling a fair contract?Show up this Thursday at 4:30pm at the Ed Center! 


And bring your friends, family, or colleagues! Wear JCEA Blue or JESPA RED. Don’t have a shirt? We got you covered! Show up and get your JCEA member shirt May 9th!

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