What happened at the bargaining table last night?

Posted on: February 9, 2024
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
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Bargaining Update!

Your JCEA bargaining team came to the table last to negotiate your full JCEA contract, and we have good news! We have a tentative agreement! Definitions (Article 1)! We know you were very worried about that one 😉

Your JCEA team passed Evaluations (Article 7) which included some small changes. We proposed ensuring that educators are involved in designing the evaluation rubric when changes are made. We also wrote language to ensure your evaluator could not write a survey and send it to your colleagues to get their feedback to be included in your evaluation. 

The district presented their counter-proposal for Professional Learning (Article 6). The district denied our language about time and compensation for completing state mandated professional learning. Their justification is that those are unfunded mandates, so they do not have the time or funds to be able to provide that to educators. Our bargaining chair then pointed out that it implied that educators must bear the brunt of the unfunded mandates. This counter-proposal was not all bad news though – the district did agree to expand their Professional Growth Funds in your contract to allow educators to access the money to attend other relevant professional learning, not just instructional conferences. 

The district and JCEA went back and forth with Collaboration (Article 10). Our last proposal ensured educators were involved in the decision making process if a decision was being made by the committee that was specific to their job. It also added language for TOSA’s to ensure there were collaborative structures at the Ed Center so educators could make their voices heard. 

We also passed our initial proposal for Remote/ Virtual Instruction (Article 23) which would ensure that JRLP educators can perform their jobs remotely and do not need to report in person to staff meetings or family events.  

We are still going back and forth on the following articles – the latest version and status is below: 

Shout out to all the amazing educators who joined us in the room last night and those of you who remembered to wear your blue in solidarity! Your support is essential in helping us secure a contract that respects and retains educators and gives our students the best support, so join us when we return to the table next Thursday at JCEA. If you can’t make it next week, use the link below to commit to attending a session this year in order to WIN on the priorities your union is bringing to the table. 


Make sure you wear BLUE for BARGAINING every Thursday! We want to see you stand together – take photos and post them to social media with #JCEAunited.

Grub Club

We are in the season of giving and what better way to support your community than giving to the Action Center. Now through March 8 we are collecting food and hygiene items as a part of Grub Club. All donations will go to supporting students experiencing homelessness and emancipation in our district. Go to the Grub Club page on our website to find out more information, including what your school is donating and where to donate money. 

Grub Club

Also we need volunteers to help unload and sort items on March 8th & 9th (psst, this is a great opportunity for NHS students to get some hours). Use this spreadsheet to sign-up to volunteer.


It’s that time again!. The Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) survey is open NOW and will run through February 23, 2024. The TLCC Survey is designed to fulfill three primary objectives across the state: amplifying educators’ voices, enhancing improvement planning, and fortifying research and policy initiatives. This data is valuable in having conversations about your school working conditions, shaping local policies, and amplifies our conversations at the bargaining table. A minimum threshold of 50% participation among eligible survey respondents at the school level and across the school district, must be achieved.

Your AR will distribute codes to take the survey. If your school does not have an AR, your Principal will have the codes. Make your voice heard about your working conditions and take the TLCC survey! 


On February 29th CEA is hosting a Lobby day and press event in support of the introduction of the School Finance Act, with a buy down to ZERO of the budget stabilization factor. We will be joined by the Governor, CEA and Legislative Leadership, and our Legislators for this event on the West Steps of the Capitol.  Join other members from around the state on February 29 at the Capital to lobby our lawmakers and celebrate the end of the BS Factor. JCEA will provide association leave for the first 10 JCEA members who sign up! 


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