The Education Funding Debate and Amendment 73

The following is a letter to the editor written by Green Mountain High School Spanish teacher Bryan Keiser. To see the original piece in the Denver post, click here

I’ve been a public school teacher in Colorado for 29 years. Literally every single summer I have also had another job simply in order to pay my bills and raise my family.

State wide, Amendment 73 would be a huge help for literally every educator in Colorado, and literally every educational institution. Ballot measures 5A and 5B in Jefferson County will not solve our problems, but will help fix our failing infrastructure. It may even help stop the exodus of teachers leaving this county because every county around us pays more.

I personally would make nearly $25,000 a year more simply by being in Boulder County. We make an average of $12,000 a year less then other metro counties who are also under funded.

Anyone who values an educated society, strong communities, and healthy nation, should vote for Amendment 73 and for 5A and 5B. Our kids deserve it. Our future depends on it!

Stop making excuses and support your community, your state, and ultimately your nation with a respectable educated work force!

Bryan Keiser, Lakewood