7/20/2020 – JCEA Press Release

Posted on: July 20, 2020
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
Posted in: Press

For immediate release:
July 20th 2020

JCEA leadership recognizes and supports the rights of all educators, parents, students, and
community members to voice their opinions and concerns. We also recognize that emotions are
high for everyone and that there is an extremely wide spectrum of opinions on when and how
educators and students should return for the 2020-2021 school year.

We have heard specifically from parents on all sides of this discussion. Many have outreached
us thanking our educators for their advocacy to prioritize health and safety. Others have
expressed disagreement.

The reality is, school health and safety are inextricably connected to community health and
safety. All decisions must prioritize health and safety, follow proven science to the best of our
ability, and leave room for adjustment and change.

We ask that our educators, students, parents, and community members support us in doing
what is needed now to help our students return to the buildings and in-person learning. Wear
your masks, practice social distancing, follow local and state health department
recommendations and help us reduce COVID-19 spread so we are in a position to return to the
classroom in the safest possible way.

JCEA remains committed to doing the incredibly difficult work of designing a plan for a safe
return. Our members desperately want to be back in school with their students; we have to
finalize a plan that keeps students and staff as safe as possible while creating the best possible
learning environment in the midst of this pandemic.

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