From the President: Columbine 20 Years Later

Posted on: April 20, 2019
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
Posted in: Letter from the President

To our Jeffco community,

20 years ago the unthinkable happened. Our community, schools, and families were changed forever, and many lives were effected by the tragic loss of 13 lives.

As the President of the Jefferson County Education Association, I want to say how grateful am for the leadership of our Columbine educators over the last 20 years. Special thanks to JCEA leaders and survivors like Katie Tennessen, Mandy Cook, Alma Hargis Moore and Paula Reed. They have taught me what it means to have grace and hope when it seems impossible. All four of these educators have had a huge impact on me personally, influenced me as a leader, and I love them all dearly.

Today, we are all Rebels. Stay strong Jeffco.

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