Hopeful Support for Jefferson County Students

Posted on: November 10, 2018
Posted By: Christine Wiggins
Posted in: Press

Educators in Jefferson County overwhelmed as the local bond measure inches closer to a win.

November 10, 2018

Jefferson County – In the days since the election, educators have been holding out hope that the Jeffco Schools bond measure would find enough support among voters to pass. On election night, the measure was down more than 8,000 votes, though the gap slowly closed as all votes were counted, pushing the bond measure past the 50% threshold.

“I am excited that our community has voted in support of both of our local ballot measures,” said Erin Murphy, social studies teacher at Alameda High School. “Many of our students have evacuated their classrooms multiple times due to leaks and flooding, and that is incredibly disruptive to their learning. The passage of the bond will give my students the opportunity to attend a school that is healthy, safe, and equipped to prepare them for life after high school.”

Budget cuts over the last decade have left many schools struggling to keep up with needed maintenance and repairs. Though every vote is still being counted, passage of the bond will give 85,000 students in Jeffco the opportunity to learn in facilities that are warm, dry, and secure. The measure will also provide additional funding for all neighborhood schools to address safety and security. Though the race has not been called, supporters believe the measure is likely to pass with the remaining margin of ballots.


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